Ni Hao (Chinese for hi)!

How you guys doing!!!!!!

I hope you guys are good and getting ready for Christmas and not getting your knickers in a twist about all the money you’re gonna spend this season.

So, I want to share my earlier work. I wrote it when I was in SS2. Enjoy!



The fever pitch rising

My head hurts

104 degrees

Swarmy vision

Hot tears cascade down my cheeks

Because you aint here


That’s what I am to you


On you

Your presence makes me fly

Soar to the heavens

You make me drunk

You’re my favorite brand of liquor

Your eyes are deep dark pools


You captivate my senses

Never let me go

I miss you

I’d say I miss your smile,

But it’d be too cliché

And cliché doesn’t work when you’re involved

More beautiful than Adonis

Greek gods cant stand beside you

Bearer of light,

Torch my heart

Let it smoulder

And keep the ashes



Yeah, I was in SS2 when I wrote this. In honor of an ex-enemy.