I’ve lost a lot of weight. Everyone at school says I’m looking extra good. Maybe I’ll go try out for cheerleading. Even my father loves my new look, but he doesn’t know I did this for him. He even said if he was my age he’d have taken me to prom. Mommy said she’s proud of me. But she doesn’t know I have daddy to thank for this transition.

He told me that nobody wants to be treated by a fat doctor; that fat doctors make people nervous. That no man wants to marry a fat woman these days, and that none of his children will remain unmarried after the age of 30.

And everyone asks me why I like Coke and burgers. I tell them its because the combination gives me an adrenaline high, but its because I like to attack those molecules of fats with my “fizzy” . Its especially soul soothing to see those irritating bits of calories drowning in toilet water. Its sweet revenge.

I’ve not seen my period in three months. I know I cant be pregnant. I’ve been having dizzy spells for a long time. I don’t want anybody to think I’m sick.

I’m in a doctor’s office. My mom is worried, and she’s telling me I passed out at the breakfast table. Today is the cheerleading tryout. The doctor is here now, He just told me I have anorexia nervosa and I need to go to rehab.

OMG, please not rehab. I pray I’m dreaming.

Today is my first day. In rehab. I have to introduce myself.

I say, “My name is Tyra and I’m anorexic”.


Anorexia nervosa can affect anybody. It’s an illness that can lead to cardiac arrest and a host of other diseases, including anaemia. We have to encourage each other to live healthy and seek healthy alternatives for weight loss.