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Polaris met him in line at the ATM. She was on one line and he was on the other. He kept staring at her all through her conversation with her grandmother. He had really unusual green eyes and he was staring with his lips pursed, which was just weird because he was smiling too. He had really nice lips though and that made her want to kiss him and at the same time, take off her left Christian Louboutin wedge shoe and clobber him to death with it. Her grandmother was going on at her about her name again. ‘Really, darling its such a heathen name. Mary’s a good name, or Elizabeth.’ ‘No, grandmother, I will not change my name to Elizabeth, and I have to go now,’ she said and hung up. The guy in front of her finished his transaction and leered at her as he walked away; the stench was overpowering. The guy with the nice lips who kept staring at her was in front of the ATM he’d lined up for and as she put in her pin, he said, ‘you know, Elizabeth’s a nice name.’ She glared at him.

She was in no mood to be picked up, she was in a bad mood as she usually was whenever she spoke to her grandmother who was a Christian and believed in forcing her views on everyone. She fumed about her grandmother while she got her cash and so when she turned and found him standing there, she was so surprised, she uttered a half scream. ‘Sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.’ She just glared at him and he smiled a little wider. ‘This guy is more than just a little creepy,’ she thought to herself as she started to walk away. ‘Wait just a second, I want to talk to you,’ he said. ‘Well that’s not going to happen,’ she told him. ‘Why not?’ ‘Oh i don’t know, maybe because you’re the rudest son of a bitch I’ve ever met.’ Immediately she said this, she felt bad because she’d met a lot of people who were much more rude, also, she’d noticed him wince when she swore. Well that was unusual, a guy who was uncomfortable with cussing.

‘Was it something i said?’ he asked, sounding a little more subdued. ‘You know, where I live, its still considered rude to stare and eavesdrop,’ she told him. ‘I know, and I’m sorry,’ he said. She spotted a park bench and went to sit setting her Fendi tote down beside her. He was still talking, ‘I’m just really interested in what you and your grandmother were talking about. But first,’ he held out his hand, ‘I’m Tristan,’ she hesitated before taking it and saying, ‘Polaris.’ ‘So what does it mean and why is your grandma so intent on you changing it?’ She told him about her grandmother becoming a Christian. ‘You know, I don’t think God wants to change us.’ You’re a Christian too, she said in what she knew was an accusatory tone of voice and slid away from him on the bench. He started to laugh. She didn’t see what was so funny and said so, getting to her feet and reaching for her tote. ‘Sorry,’ he said, stopping her with his hand on her arm, looking up into her eyes, tears of mirth in his. ‘Its just, you said ‘Christian’ like its a disease and you actually moved away from me, he said.’ She yanked her arm free and started to walk, her heels making a satisfying clicking sound on the pavement. He caught up to her pretty quick and that annoyed her. ‘Polaris, lemme show you another side to this, to Him.’ ‘I don’t want to see ANY side to Christianity,’ she informed him. ‘Please just gimme ten minutes, after that, I’ve got to go pick up my wife at her Lamaze class anyways.’

‘Oh, you’re married,’ she said, and this shocked her so that she didn’t resist when he guided her to sit. ‘Very much so,’ he said with a grin. Her head was spinning, he was married. He even had a pregnant wife. She hadn’t imagined him married, she’d actually thought he was interested in her. Tristan was still talking, ‘You know what makes this faith so beautiful? You come as you are, there’s no need to change anything, and He takes you, and He molds you into the best you can be.’ She started listening then, no need to change anything? She’d go with anyone who didn’t want to change anything in a heartbeat. Her whole life was filled with people who wanted to change her; her grandmother wanted to change her name, her mother wanted her to dye her hair because blonde women got the richest men, and her boyfriend, Tim wanted her to stop wearing heels so he’d look even taller than her. Tristan was saying, ‘it gives you the most beautiful feeling in the world, and
you feel so free because someone bigger than it all, all the worry and stress is in charge. So here,’ and he handed her a bible. She looked up at him, dazed. ‘That’s it? My grandma usually goes on for hours.’ he laughed, ‘well I’d love to but my wife would kill me if i was late. Thanks for listening though.’ he got out a card, gave it to her, smiled at her one last time and walked away while she stared after him.


Our little evangelism piece for this Sunday. Its comforting to know that God takes us as we are and molds us to be more and more like him every day, He’s even ready to bear all our problems for us, we only have to let Him in. I hope this story touched you as much as it touched me. God bless you.Winking smile