Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!Gift with a bow

*gulps Fayrouz and heads for the exit*

Seeing as I’m carrying last in Blogsylvania on this Christmas post stuff, well I’ve just a piece of advice.

Take the “holiday” cheer out of the holiday and make it a part of your everyday life. Your life will be remarkably different. Spread love, not just at the end of a year and at the beginning of another, spread love during the year.

We complain about how bad the economy is, but I say we can make our own individual niches of the economy better by showing love to one another. The bombings that took place today were basically as a result of bankruptcy of love on the bombers’ parts. It doesn’t matter if everyone around you seems disturbed or sick or irritating, try showing them love. And by love I mean “Being nice even when people are not being nice to you or treating you well.”

I think I’m through with my short charge.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves today.

*picks up can of Fayrouz, adjusts robes and heads out*