Through my little window, I see the world;

the way He made it; Perfect

I see bright skies and sunny days and promises of a more wonderful tomorrow

I see rainbows, smiling down on the perfection that is this world

I see stars in the sky, shining for all the world to see

I see God’s splendor in creation

“Who are we that He should be mindful of us?”

For we are made of dust and to dust shall we return

Dust we are, filled with God’s breath


“Casting all our cares upon Him, for He cares for us”

Man wondering where his next meal will come from, take that word

Woman wondering where she’ll get a husband, that word is for you

Parents wondering where their children’s school fees will come from, cast your cares

He cares so much for you, that He knows the number of hairs on your head

7 billion people in the world and He knows them all by name


Just ask, knock, seek, find;

He’s always here; He’s everywhere

Such love He had that He gave His Son to die in our place

As atonement for our sin

“Perfect Redemption, Purchase of blood”

His only Son bled so that you may be whole;

have life, enjoy riches, have peace


Come to Him and you’ll find rest,

respite from the struggle you face,

peace in your storm,

protection in your life.

Heed His call.

Open the door for The Master, The Friend, The Helper, The Rock, The Fortress, The Provider, The Healer, The Maker, The Ruler, The Surgeon-General, The Incorruptible One; Triune Commander Of The Universe.


Through my window, I see, nay, I understand.

Don’t you want to?