These poems are rather short and have no titles so I thought I’d post them together even though they’re not related in any sense. The first one was written at a time of extreme boredom and “Cabin Fever” (which I still have anyway) and the second was written when I was trying to finally be myself for myself. Enjoy.


Tired of listening to the same songs over and over again

Tired of hearing the same words everyday

Tired of the memories I hold on to

Weary of my monotonous daily routine


I want to make music,

Dance and spill my coffee on the streets,

see things no one else sees

live in my imagination

I want to sing for the whole world to join in in my melody

Create a symphony of sound

Make new memories, test my limits

Provoke my creativity,

Let loose my passion

Embrace myself

Adore my creator

Till everyday brings new songs and new words and new memories

And I am one with my humanity


Don’t tell me you love me

Because I don’t know what love is

or how to love

and neither do you.


You say you’re my friend

But you don’t know me

I only let you see what you like

Because I live to impress


You think I’m the best thing that happened to you

which makes me cry

For if I had showed you all of me,

Would you still think so highly of me?


I live for attention,

relevance with the ‘important’ people

trying to buy love and friendship with perfection

modeling my life to fit into what I thought as people’s specifications

Aren’t I just the least bit pathetic?


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