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Hey guys, how’s your summer? Mine is really bleh, so I’ve decided to keep myself  busy by embarking on two writing projects. I’ve already finished one but I’m not so comfortable with posting it here so I’ll just send it straight to Wattpad.

Did I apologize for not giving you guys something to read? Yes? No? In either case, please accept my sincere apologies.

I had a lot of stuff lined up, but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to post it. I’ll be posting it soon but for now I need your help.

I’m writing a story diary/journal style. It’s about a girl who has decided to “discover” herself by keeping a journal for a year. She has 3 best friends that are all boys and one of her best friends is her brother; well half-brother, their mothers were best friends and their fathers barely tolerated each other. After a series of unfortunate events, her mother and his father got married.

I named her Blaine and her nickname is Haiku cos she got her first job at a Japanese restaurant and the only Japanese-y word her friends knew was Haiku. Anyway, the restaurant she got the job at became their regular hangout.

I designed the characters in the story to have some traits from other characters in shows I like; like my Blaine has traits from Mara in House of Anubis, her brother from another character in House of Anubis and such.

You guys are probably wondering why I need your help since I seem to have an idea of what I’m doing, but well, I don’t have cover art and I don’t have an idea of how I even want the cover to look, and I also need music that’ll help me with my ‘little project’. My music library is not exactly speaking to me right now, so all your suggestions are very welcome.

Oh yeah and if you guys have ideas or poetry I can work into the story I’ll be very happy to. Open-mouthed smile

I guess that’s all for today, at least. I’ll still need your input as the story progresses. Love Red heart and digital kisses from me.