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Friendship, love,

some sincere but others for the purpose of appearances


Hope, trust

and the occasional pixie dust.

Life as it were.


He: Dignity, sense of purpose


She: Security.

Knowing that tomorrow will be the same as today

and that yesterday was the same as today.


He: Familiarity.

Warm embraces.

The heat of our passion.


She: Cold nights without you,

the colder nights with you

full of passion for you

but winter for me.


He:The warmth of your apartment,

Sunday lunch at your parents’


She: Cold courtesy, unfulfilled promises

Fear of moving on.


He: The solace of your arms, the soothing cadence of your voice,

telling me you’re moving on when we only just began.

“We were better friends”, you said.


She: A perfunctory hug, a goodbye kiss

reminiscing on the way to my new home.

You’ll be fine, I know.

I’ll always love you, love us, what we were.


He: I understand now.

I cant see you; haven’t been able to since you left.

I was enraged; didn’t know why, when we had it good you had to leave me hanging.


“The exuviae is what you leave behind.”- Parker Cole (Miss Educated; An Upper Class Novel)


The smiles. The laughter, the feelings, the tears, the friends, the love, the hope.

The passion, the fears, the people, the hugs, the care, the fun.


Replaced by emptiness and indifference and freedom.

Freedom to roam free.


Another upside down post. I apologize profusely.