I am Kendra Harris, or at least I used to be until I was run out of town by that skank Delilah Shafer who is now married to what used to be the everlasting love of my life, River Daniels. I wish I could just crash their useless lovey-dovey Parisian honeymoon.

I know most of you hate me and you’re justified in hating me. I know I would hate myself and I did- for a while. For those of you who don’t know, well, I stole Delilah’s fiancé from her while he had amnesia, orchestrated the car crash that led to his amnesia and worked in cahoots with the guy that was stalking Delilah. Pretty dapper resume, isn’t it?

Anyway, I got off pretty easily, if I might say so myself. I skipped the entire country because, well I could see that River wasn’t going to miraculously fall in love with me anytime soon and that I was really stupid to try and break him and Delilah up because of some promise he made to me when we were kids. And also because, even though I had saved my brother’s life, I just knew he would never let me rest about putting Delilah in trouble seeing as he had a thing for her.

I ended up in Canada, at a School for the Arts; Morningstar School for Gifted Girls, under the alias of Monica Givens. I changed my name because I did not want anyone associating me with my annoying brother Jay. He was always the talented one even though I was the one that wanted to be famous. Yeah, you heard me right, I was the one that wanted to be famous. So, what that emo friend of Delilah’s said was true and I admit that I was a fame leaching little monster.

My name wasn’t the only thing I changed. I changed my hair colour and my attitude. I know you’re wondering if lying, scheming, manipulating people like me ever change for the better, but we do. I met new friends who showed me how much of a bitch I was being to people and helped me change. In time, I revealed to them everything about me and surprisingly they accepted me as I was.

I learned to live with the fact that even though I’d probably not be as successful as my brother, it was okay and all that mattered was that I was myself when it mattered the most.

Safe to say, I never got any acting roles or the fame and fortune that I so desired, but I graduated as valedictorian. I know you guys probably think I’m lying but I’m really not. I ended up not going to a university, but to a film institute where I studied to be a film director and in my second year, I met a guy. I know you people have no faith whatsoever in me. You’re probably wondering whether I stole him from a girl or if I killed his girlfriend so I could have him. I assure you, I did no such thing.

In fact, from the moment I met him, he irritated the hell out of me. We would get into arguments every time we saw each other, which was everyday since we had almost all the same classes together. In time, things just fell into place for us and I’m glad to say, I’ve found someone who completes me. You can gag all you want, but it’s true, Adam Clayton is my wonderful, compassionate, caring, cheerful better half and there’s nothing you can do about it except be happy for me.

Well, now you know where I’ve been, but I want you to know I’m coming back. As Kendra Harris. I have to restitute for all the bad things I’ve done and I promise I will try not to be as obnoxious or crazy as I was before. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a movie set to be at. Maybe I’ll get round to directing a movie about my life. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?


I know, this is kind of upside down, but at least I posted something. You should be happy for me. This story is a spin off from the Hey There Delilah Series which has the books Hey There Delilah and It’s What You Do To Me written by my favorite Wattpad author, McKenna also known as MP13Girl. Read the stories for more understanding.  You’ll fall in love with the characters especially River, Rex and Seth. Right now I wish I had a River of my own. Le sigh. Reading too much does that to you.

Be yourself, spread the love and don’t stop believin’ in fairies. They keep our cities safe.

GeekChique OUT!!