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“I, Caterina Valentine, also known as Little Red, take you Robbie Shapiro as my husband, nerdy or not, because you always listen to me and you don’t think I’m weird, you never have. I promise to always be friends with you, even now we’re married; to sing in the shower with you as my only audience, to make you laugh when you’re sad, to share my candy with you and above all to love you more than I love Mr. Longneck, my purple giraffe.”


“I, Robert Shapiro, also known as Puppet Boy, by Jade and just Robbie by the rest of the world take you Cat Valentine as my beautiful wife because you make the sun shine brighter when you’re with me and you make me feel like I’m the hottest pop-star in the world when you look at me the way you do. I promise to always keep a supply of bibble for you for when you want it; to always love you, no matter what happens and to stay awake with you and watch movies late into the night. I also promise not to make you cry in any way, because I love you.


There was not a dry eye in the house after the reading of the vows.

The End.




Hehe. Happy New Year people of the internet. Been a tad busy lately, so I’m really sorry for not writing. This short piece was inspired by Dan Schneider, he owns the characters Cat and Robbie and everything else.

On a totally unrelated note, my birthday is on Friday and I’m writing a bucket list and when I’m done I’ll post it. It will give me a reason to post more often because I’m thinking of writing about each item I cross off when I do so.

Happy New Year once again.

Peace, love and Kick Buttowski.