Hey guys, first things first, school’s a female dog. Thank you and Good Night. Haha. Anyway during a very boring Chemistry class, my friend and partner in stalking wrote this when her eyes were fighting to disobey the laws of gravity (sorry, as a nerd, I just had to). Anyway, here’s the letter.


Dear ———,

I don’t know why I’m writing this letter, to you. But I guess if you’ve ever been in a Chemistry LECTURE with ——- you’d understand my plight. I’m so fricking BORED and sleep is not far away atm. I haven’t done my Physiscs homework yet, cause I couldn’t be bothered last night, and more importantly, I had a headache.

Really, why are classes this long? I probably stop listening and start fighting sleep after the first 20 mins.LOL!! But seriously sleep is almost inevitable in every class but PHYSICS. I never feel sleepy in Physics because (-.-) (.-.). You might have to go to the board at any time to solve. I just hope she doesnt get mad that I’ve not done my homework. Psshh! Whatever (.-.).

By the way, school sucks! Oh, well, I guess that’s what I’ve been writing for the past two paragraphs. Well that is just to stress my point. Infact I think Chemistry is messing with my head, I can’t even think of stuff to say, my eyelids are drooping, sleep is calling. Just so you know, I’m using you to stay awake today. I should keep writing you every time I feel sleepy in class, but then I’d run out of paper from my jotter. I’m so darn SLEEPY! Hope I bored you enough because I’m bored too :p :p 😀

                                                                                                      By the way, you suck!


                                                                                                         Like always,

                                                                                                               Me 😛

PS- I’m gonna sleep

PPS- I dont know what to write.

PPPS- Oh, yeah, I’m enjoying this.

PPPPS- Whatever, guess its too much now.


Much love, people. Till the morrow.