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Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I posted here. Med school does that to a person. So, lately, too many awkward things have been happening to me that it was only right to document it. So, this morning, after a particularly uninteresting Biology lecture in which I was singing for lack of a better thing to do, I went to solicit for a latte from my lovely friend and I heard this boy, Nick, singing an Anberlin song. Now, I kind of have a crush on him, cos he’s Russian and has a smexy accent to go with his Russian-ness, and anyone that knows me knows how much I like to talk about music, especially music that I know, or like.. So, anyway, I just decided to, I dunno, strike up a conversation with him, on the grounds that well, we know the same music, but unfortunately for me, when I asked in a sugary-sweet voice (or my version of it anyway) if he listened to Anberlin, he kinda blanked out and asked me what I was saying too many times to be natural until his lovely friend (God bless his soul) decided to explain it to him. Talk about awkward. And then the guy left me there, standing and staring after him with a ‘wth just happened’ look on my face. No apologies, no small talk, nothing. He left me without a word. Poor me. I wonder what I did to him. Oh well. This ends my tale of awkwardness, for today at least. If you want another dose of awkwardness, go on Youtube and watch the web series Awkward Black Girl. That should do it. That being said, I have a test tomorrow. Pray for me.