Paint a picture with your words
Every sentence, a different hue,
Every syllable a brush stroke.

Envelope me with your words
Let them be the blanket to keep the cold away
Let them fan the sure in my heart
Until my whole being is in flames.

Pour the emotion from your heart into your inkwell
As every word is penned, the feeling flows into my soul
So I can feel what you feel, know what you know, be one with you.

Do what you can, but as you leave,
I see myself wanting more of you.
I wouldn’t mind being bound to you for all eternity,
So if all else fails and I still fail to
Feel what you feel,
Know what you know,
Be one with you,

Kiss me.
In the rain,
Under the sun,
When the sky is blue,
When it’s grey.
Kiss me until our song comes on,
When it swells to a crescendo
And slows down to become a perfect harmony.
Maybe then I will see as you see, know as you know
And be as you are.

Posted from the little cave with wi-fi I live in.