I took a shower,
To wash you off me
But no matter how long I stand under the steady stream
The pulsating calmness of the water from the shower head
I cannot forget.

Two times, what we did.
I thought it was what I wanted,
But I guess I was wrong.
I stood, staring at the shower head
Feeling the rivulets cascade down my bosom,
Wishing it was you.
Water is lucky, it gets to touch everywhere.

I don’t know what we”re doing,
And it’s driving me crazy
I’m in over my head with you,
What are we?

Nothing, I guess, since we have to hide.
It bothers me though, that I can’t read you,
I can’t know what you”re thinking
Is it wrong that I want to make your mind my home?
Am I being creepy again?

I’m sitting
In a fluffy terry cloth bathrobe
On the edge of my bathtub
Writing this to you.
I don’t need your words,
People lie.
Open your mind,
I want to live in it,
Love it,
Keep it forever.

Please don’t deny me this.
I’m already at my wits end.
I had a brilliant idea. I want to review books like, every fortnight. Should I?

Posted from the little cave with wi-fi I live in.