A Struggle of Twine

Soft pattering drops of rain
My view from my bedroom window
I see them fall
This feeling I recognize
Lonely, cold, heart shattering storms

The only time I don’t think of you
Of what could have been
Is when I’m not breathing
We walked away
The T-junction in our wake
Do you miss me?

You can’t fight alone
Then, madness is
When we needed to fight for us
We stood immobile
Just looking, not seeing
We’d let our love drown

Cool, salty tears remind me
Of what we had
Of what we lost
Their coolness assaulting my cheek
And I said I didn’t care

I can’t swim
Can’t even keep myself afloat
Had we drowned together?
Did we fall together?
Grab a hold of my legs
Before my lungs collapse

The struggle returns
Will you want me back now?
If I say I’m sorry,
Would we retrace our…

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