I realize I haven’t done one of these random, one-take blogposts like ever. I’m sitting here in an Organic Chemistry class with my lecturer whose voice puts me to sleep and my mind wandered to the drama I watched yesterday.
I had a school-free day yesterday and I put it to good use by putting on my K-drama watching hat and settling down to complete You’re Beautiful. I’ll probably do a review later, but then, I realized that when you try so hard, so hard that you can even kill to get your goal, you keep getting stuck. Has happened to me a lot of times before and I absolutely hated that I always fell short of my expectations of myself. Recently, I was feeling that way and my best friend advised me to throw away all pre-conceived notions I had about myself and just work hard towards my goal.
That’s my advice to you reading too. Throw away all your feeling of “Oh, I should have been smarter than to make this dumb mistake” or “Oh, I’m not smart enough”, because thinking like this puts a wall in front of your ability; it shuts you in. Instead, the only thing you should do is to believe in yourself. Believe you are limitless, don’t label yourself.
Well, this was a very profound post with a weird title. Back to learning about halothane and enflurane.

PS- Hungarian is an awesome language, best believe it.
Jó napot kivanok.

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