I can relate to this. So beautiful and heartwrenching.

A Struggle of Twine

My heart
My tears
My pain
You can’t relate

For so long I hoped
You were the only one
You saw through me
You understood always

I fought to be strong
Just to make you happy
Didn’t want you to get tired
Didn’t want to let you down

Everything I could
If you were happy
Then I was happy
Life’s a big mirage

Tired as I am
You’ve left me
I’m back to where I started
Just that I’m weaker

If I could burn coals
And flick them at you
Just to wake you up
For you to see reason

I thought you’d stay
ALWAYS be here when I need
I relied on you too deep
It really bites the butt

Games and games
Somewhere along the line
We lost it
Our focus and our beginning

I told you once
When this happens
We’ll never get ourselves back
I still…

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