I know how it feels to be on both sides of the door; inside and out. You only know how it feels to be inside, but I want you to be outside that door, hurting because you don’t know why I locked you out.
I want to hurt you so bad your walls crumble and you weep because the only way to get you to show your humanity is to hurt you so I’ll do just that, not caring if you hate me for it.
You say everybody leaves you. Well, it’s your fault because as soon as they take one step out of that door your back is turned to them, in your own twisted version of being strong, leaving them wondering if you even cared for them at all. People just want to know that you’ll be there, even when they’re not. Besides, you’re a tad unbearable in large amounts, so people have to take a break from you, and when they do, you just conclude they don’t like you anymore.
I’ll probably lose a lot trying to hurt you, but I dont really care.

I hope this message finds it’s owner. Biostatistics is driving me to seek comfort in food.
Peace, Love and Statistical Tests.

Posted from the little cave with wi-fi I live in.