For today, I’m supposed to put up a picture of myself from 5 years ago, but I don’t have any from that long ago. I just decided to put up pictures from 2 years ago instead.


Cringe worthy. Anyway, the point of this is to talk about how much has changed with me.
For starters, my hair is longer and I don’t look so starved. Also, I’m more mature now, I think. I’ve also learned to take risks and just go for what I want, regardless of whatever anyone says or what the situation looks like. I also have started wearing glasses, so now I look more nerd-like than before.
My social life is still the same though- virtually non-existent.
I’ve been stuck in a friendship pattern that I just now realized and am working to get rid of.
My best friend then is still my best friend now, so that really hasn’t changed.
My relationship with God has grown quite a lot, too which has served to increase my self-confidence.

That’s about all, I think.
I have a test and an exam later today. Boohoo.

Peace, Love and Cookie Dough Icecream.

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