Put your ipod on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that come up.
Since I dont have an ipod (hint hint, birthday in 38 days) I’m using my phone and my tablet. Which basically means I’m taking 5 songs from my phone and 5 from my tablet. Without further ado, the 5 songs from my phone are
1. Gan Jue Fan by Magic Power. It’s from the official soundtrack of the Taiwanese drama, Lady Maid Maid.
2. Set Fire to the Rain- Adele.
3. Mother’s Little Helper- The Beatles, I think. Blame my Basics of Behavioural Sciences class. Teehee.
4. Freak The Freak Out- Victoria Justice.
5. Put Your Hearts Up- Ariana Grande.

Now for the songs on my tablet.
1. Misery Business- Paramore. (Wolf grin) I’ve been obsessed with this song for the past 3 weeks. I think I’m in love with Hayley Williams and just lucky that my Shuttle app decided to bless me by playing this song first.
2. We Are Broken-Paramore. I swear I’m not manipulating this in any way, my Shuttle app just loves me today.
3. In The Hands Of God-Newsboys. Awesome song, awesome band.
4. Without You- Lana Del Rey. I love Lana. Side eye at people who call me a Plutonian and depressed for that. Köhög, Kachi, Köhög.
5. Biting Down- Lorde. Enough said.

Thus concludes the journey into my very random music library.
No tests till next Friday. Whoop!
Peace, Love and System Upgrades.

Posted from the little cave with wi-fi I live in.