20 facts about you.
This is the hardest thing to do, because when I’m in different moods I tend to think different ways about myself. Fact 1.
2. I’m short. 5’2. 🙂
3. I’m 18.
4. I can’t live without music. It’s an avenue for me to express my deepest feelings without actually saying anything.
5. I plan almost everything. I’m a compulsive planner.
6. I like attention, but I’ll do anything to stay out of the spotlight.
7. I love the smell of a new book.
8. I’m weird….. ask anybody who knows me. Even my mother says it.
9. I’m the original cookie monster. :p
10. My favorite flavor of anything is Cherry.
11. I love K-drama and I’m beginning to love K-pop too.
12. I’m addicted to YouTube.  Teehee.
13. I wanted to have my first kiss with Burkely Duffield, but then I realized he’s too far.
14. I want to date a Korean, even if we only date for a week.
15. At some point, I didn’t want to get married. Now I’m just on the fence on that one.
16. I am in love with instant noodles.
17. I hate birds, but I eat chicken.
18. I want to live in Asia.
19.When I’m sad, I tend to just burrow under my covers and watch videos about babies.
20. I like school, even when I’m having a hard time with it.

Peace, Love and Porcelain Figurines.

Posted from the little cave with wi-fi I live in.