Somewhere I’d like to move or visit.
Given my recent fixation with Asian dramas, I’d like to visit South Korea and see Seoul, Gangnam and everywhere else. I’d love to visit where my favorite dramas were filmed, I’d like to see Exo, Big Bang, Vixx, Crayon Pop, 2NEI and Girl’s Generation live.
I’d also love to eat bibimbap, kimbap, galbi and see if I’ll develop a taste for Kimchi and ramyun.
I also want to learn their language and immerse myself in their culture, which is more group oriented, like African culture.
When I have dreams or plans like this, I always have at the back of my mind that I can do the impossible, but then reality sets in and I limit myself.
Sigh. Overthinking is bad for the health.

Peace, Love and Oreo cereal. (Which is only available in South Korea).

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