Just kidding, my mind has no direction right now. I’m just sitting here in this cell biology lecture with a pounding headache wondering how what comes out of a person’s mouth can be so different from the way the person looks.
I cant stand to be in school right now.
My head hurts so much right now.
I think it’s time to post my poem Suicide notes that I wrote almost exacyly a year ago. 
When I actually find it, I’ll post it.
Sorry there was no #HaikuThursday last week, I had an unavoidable life hurdle aka Cell Biology test.
Also, I’m thinking of starting up a food blog because food excites me immensely.
I’m going on Tumblr, just to amuse myself.
My weekend starts today. Be jealous.

Peace, Love and Chewy candy.

Posted from the little cave with wi-fi I live in.