On a lighter note.

Escaping through

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     I’m calm, I cook and I clean. I’ve been stalking following you on Facebook for a while now. I occasionally  religiously follow your tweets and your instagram is my instagram. I know you well. See ehn, I will stay with you when you go nuts at that time of the month: you know that time now? Did I mention I cook: I make a mean vegetable soup and my Jollof rice is to die for; my fried rice sucks though, you’d actually die if you ate it. I’m a three-course, three square meal kind of fella. I’d bring you breakfast in bed and even pop bye at your office with brunch sometimes. Ask around, most kids love me. I’m being modest: all kids love me. Yes I’m that brooding guy. I’m ripped. I’m that tall, dark and…

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