Razor Eddie The Patron Saint of City Carousers

It was so clear to me,
That it was almost invisible,
I lie across the path waiting,
Just for a chance to be,
A spiderweb trapped on your lashes,
I would trade you my empire for ashes,
But I choke it back,
how much I need love…
           – Middle Cyclone – Neko Case.

She stiffened when she saw them, tittering away at the table where she’d been seated a mere ten minutes before. As though wrestled from her control, her body began to move, soles slapping loudly against the marble floor drawing stares from displeased patrons as she wove around their tables, arms flailing at her sides.

“What’s so funny?”

She’d strung the words together in her head to come out on a carpet of casual indifference, but they left her lips in an accusing squawk. The table grew silent and the curtains of freshly preened hair parted to…

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