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Another one bites the dust

‘Yes, this one definitely did,’ she mutters as she finds his name in her contacts list and deletes it. Step 1 complete.


I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart

As she leans her head against the bathroom sink willing herself not to cry and also not minding that she’d have to wash her facial scrub off both the sink and her face, she silently agrees. ‘Yes, I do have an elastic heart.’ Fake it till you make it. Sigh.


I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard, I may snap…..

Sigh. Scarily accurate. The tears come anyway.


You did not break me, I’m still fighting for peace

Peace. Ultimate goal. With water and tears mixing, she finally realized she wasn’t broken, she just suffered a bad fall and that she found peace in knowing that this wasn’t the end; that she could rise and be everything she wanted and more.

He did not define her, she defined herself.

Peace, finally. Mission complete.



This post was inspired partly by my misery and by Sia’s Elastic Heart from her 1000 Forms of Fear album. 

Anyway, I’m just glad that I can write again. And the words in bold italics are the lyrics from the song.

Summer is almost over. Boohoo. 

Sorry I’m not so eloquent today.

Peace, Love and cute babies.