I have an unhealthy obsession with you,
Not in the way that sometimes promises butterflies and happily ever afters
but in the
‘I want to drop kick you down 10 flights of stairs way.’
‘How does love turn to hate?’, you ask,
The same way milk curdles and meat goes bad,
you tool.

I’m watching and waiting for karma to catch up with you.
I’d very much like for you to be cut
for your throat to be slit and your head in your hands
like the headless horseman.

I’ll always be around to watch you stumble,
Be behind you to prepare you for the next fall
I’ll try to resist the urge to kick you when you’re down.

I hate you so much it hurts.
You shouldn’t even exist to me.
I hope you actually do cease to exist.

Hehe, I’m writing again.
School brings out the best in me.
Peace, Love and healthy connective tissue.