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My headphones are broken and I’m too cheap to get new ones to block out the sounds of my thoughts and of this loud boy sitting beside me.
The same one that assumed I was a lesbian because I only used to hang out with girls, my friends. Just to be clear, I have nothing against lesbians. I’m just not one.
Someday, I’ll be calm enough to listen to his own side of the story without wanting to jam my fist into his throat, even though I have to jump to do so.
Now he’s talking about Terry Crews and I just want to yell at him to shut up.
I don’t know his story, so I won’t judge, but I wont forget his first impression of me. Scratch that, he doesn’t even know me either.
I think too much.
And sometimes, I should just let things go with the flow but I obsessively plan everything, without fail. And complain when things don’t go my way.
Letting go is hard, but once you know that there’s someone already in charge of those things beyond your control, you should just let Him do his job and focus on doing yours.
Am I rambling? Not quite.
This has been the first episode of Coffee Mugs, where I talk about my feelings in the moment as if I’m sitting across from you at a coffee shop.
P.S Seeing Asian people makes me happy.
P.P.S- Post title credits go to Michael, the original owner of the Coffee Mugs tagline. He microblogs on twitter with the handle @oluwa_michael.

Peace, Love and healthy teeth.