Before we begin, I got a somewhat new pair of earphones, so I’m as happy as a child that has just discovered chocolate.
This is some more random poetry I wrote during a boring lecture.

How do you tell someone that the road they’re walking,
the path they’re treading
is one you’ve treaded
and it left a bitter taste in your mouth?

How do you make them see,
without offending them
that the way they’re going is wrong and
that the only thing they’ll get out of this
is pain, worry and stress?

How do you get them to embrace today, accept the love given
without fear
And live in the moment?
How do you teach them that love covers a multitude of imperfections?

How can you make them see that true love doesn’t hurt,
it nurtures, nourishes, enriches and strengthens?

I’m tired.
I speak, but my words are like rain on an umbrella.
How else do you want me to tell you?
I tried speaking from my heart to yours, but darling
your heart is blocked,
because you’re too focused on feeling right, being right and getting the upper hand.

But life isn’t about any of that, love.

It’s about stopping to smell the roses,
drinking in every sight, memorizing every smell
being one with every sound
being innocent while being wary
being yourself without fear.

Erecting walls keeps you locked in
like an isolated system.
It breaks my heart to see you like this
and frustrates me that I can’t make you see life
the way I see it,
but every one of us is different
and I understand you’ve seen your fair share
but it’d be nice if you broke down your walls sometime
and let the light in, little bird.

Ugh. I hate tests.
Peace, Love and Good food.