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Today I’m beat. School is quite stressful. Thankful that next week I have  a half week of school.
I decided to revisit an old post and write an updated version of it.
It was part of  the 30 day blogging challenge I did in December and you can read it here.
I’m not very fluent in normal english today because I have been thinking in medical terms all day.
Put your ipod or any music device you have on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that come on.’
Here goes.
1. Don’t Let Me Go by RAIGN from the official soundtrack of The Vampire Diaries. Awesome and haunting.
2. The One That Never Comes by Asa. Awesome song. Asa just gets better and better with each album.
3. You Are by Kathryn Ostenberg from the soundtrack of Witches of East End.
4. Intro (RISE) by TaeYang. Hurray for K-pop and hot K-pop stars that can actually sing in English.
5. Maybe by Birdy. I knew if I waited long enough, I’d have a Birdy song come up.
6. Tomorrow by Tablo and TaeYang. More K-pop and Tablo Ahjussi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Grow up by Paramore.  Enough said.
8. Dressed in Black by Sia. Sia!!!!!!
9. Dear Mom and Dad by Us The Duo.
10. No a Pedir Pardon by Ana Gabriel. Opening credit song to the Mexican telenovela Catalina and Sebastian.

Bonus track- Don’t Let Me Go by Bad Wolf on Youtube
Peace, Love and Good Music