Behind the White Coat


The man sitting on the exam table rubbed his finger slowly across his nose as he listened to me talking about his cholesterol and 10 year cardiovascular risk.

Why does he keep doing that?

I quickly rubbed my finger across my own nostrils.

Is there a hair sticking out? It has been a while since I last trimmed my nose hair…

He did it again.

Is he trying to tell me something?

I rub again. This time harder.

Oh my gosh! I have a nose booger. One of those dry crusties. I can feel it stuck inside my nose. What if it comes loose?

I try not to breath hard. I don’t want to dislodge it.

Then he rubs his nose again!

I rub my nose.

He touches his gingerly, circling each nostril.

Oh, lord help me! It IS hanging out isn’t it?

I twitch my nose.

He twitches his…

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