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For me, it’s thrilling when I’m caught by surprise. I, even, always look forward to being surprised; as slightly ironic as that sounds.

Yesterday, however, it came as a blow when I read the question set for a scholarship exam I had satisfactorily prepared for.

The question said, ‘In as few or as many words as possible, what do you want?’

To say the least, I felt immeasurably weak and stunned.

I must have blinked 20 times in 2 seconds. I must, also, have made such a fuss from turning over the question sheet, that the young man beside me tapped me and said, ‘Relax. It’s just a trick question. Think.’

Confused, I stared at his smiling face. He opened his answer booklet and I instinctively looked at what he wrote. He wrote; ‘I want this scholarship’.

My eyes widened as he put a full stop, neatly closed…

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