Feels like I wrote this… Love it!

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I don’t want a cold heart
I want blood vessels and nerves and a beating organ aflame
every time I see you
I want heat
I want passion
I don’t want boredom
Come on don’t be passive, I want you to burn me
make me feel like I’m nothing without your presence
Let me feel your absence
Knowing there would be an abscess if you’re not present
And this play on words is insufficient
because all I want to feel is this aching dull pain in the pit of my gut
that hurts and hurts and feels good because you are the source
I want to pine for you and consume you when you’re around me
I don’t want to be with you out of pity or obligation
I’m selfish because I don’t want to share you
I want to be like that kid in the candy store staring longingly…

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