Setting The Barre


You know how they say “when it rains, it pours”?  Well I think sometimes it pours so much that the ground can’t absorb or displace it and the earth implodes on itself, leaving the atmosphere in a foggy haze of quiet disorder.  Of course, eventually the rumbling vibrations from such an explosion dissipate, and the smokey clouds begin to clear so the sun can blink towards the squinting earth, greeting its old friend trepidatiously- careful not to temper the fragile soil as it rebuilds.  But sometimes these efforts are in vain.  Sometimes just as a bit of goodness touches down, another- bigger, badder- monsoon comes out of nowhere and wipes it all away.

A very wise bear once said, “The trouble with accidents is you can’t see them coming.”  I think what Winnie (or should I say Mr. Pooh?)  meant was that accidents are a precarious combination of trouble and surprise; Not only do they…

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