Umbrellas everywhere

Dear eve teasers, misogynistic hypocrites and distasteful heaps of flesh,

The marks on my arms and the pinch on my ass, the tears in my eyes and the hoarse wails of my mind, will never forget the scars that you left on my body with those leery eyes, fists and foul breath. The insecurity in my eyes and the withdrawal in my walk will not forget to compel my eyes to turn and wish for it to be always be light and never the dark. The pain in my heart will remind me of your twisted advances and my next bleak minutes and my hopelessness will startle my heart to wonder if even the light could be my saviour.

But you’re all laughable pieces of nothing to me and I pity you.
I pity you for the life you tried to steal from me and couldn’t. I pity you for the life you…

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