If I have a problem, it’s that I never stop to process the information I feed myself,
Never let it sink in, take root and bear fruit.
It always seems like I’m the only one taking it slow while the world speeds past me,
But in reality, I’m the one speeding past while the world takes its sweet sweet time.

If I have a problem, it’s that I place myself on a really high pedestal
And make goals , really impressive goals,
Which is awesome.
But I find myself, when things don’t work out
Descending into seasons of self-hate and loathing,
Thinking things that I should not be thinking.

But right now, I just want to run.
Run away from it all.
Begin again, somewhere, where no one knows who I am
Or what I’m going through.
Because in this moment, everything is coming at me
From nowhere and everywhere
And it seems I’m alone, but I know you’re there

Please throw me a rope, God.
Lift me up from where I lie, at the bottom of this abandoned well
So I can rebuild, we can rebuild.