Everyone needs to hear this.

The Last Brook

Hey you. Yes you, you beautiful work of art. You family platter of talent and awesomeness with unlimited servings of kickass swag.

YOU ROCK. Period.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if someone said this to us everyday? To hear these golden words and head out feeling like Beyonce’ going to perform live in front of a sold-out audience?

Now what if you said this to yourself. Everyday. Looking at the mirror. Giving yourself that wink and grin, knowing that you are gonna be the next big thing after PSY and his Gangnam. ‘Cause you know you got way more style , aaaye sexay lady. Or man. Or whatever gender you belong to. Your pick.

Sounds narcissistic? What will people think? Worse. What will they tweet?

Look at that wannabe. Thinks she is a Kardashian sister. Lol.
Who does he think he is? Downey Jr’s Jr?

Fret not my friend. Truth…

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