I’m in a class I really don’t want to be in right now, and I wrote this on my way to school this morning. Enjoy!!!!

For My Sister…
I miss you
Especially today, when all you had to rely on
Were my words
And you couldn’t see the love on my face

I wish I was with you right now
To hold you as you cry
For dreams that you have to lay to rest for now
Not forever.

I know how you feel,
For I have walked this road before
And I know that no one should have to do it alone
And I want to walk with you.

Please spare a thought for this Unni
Who meant to advise and not bring down,
To heal and not to kill.
I love you, sister!!

Unni- honorific way to call an older girl that is close to you (used by girls) in Korean society.

I wrote this to Ailee’s Goodbye my love. Find it on Youtube here.

I technically should not be updating my blog in class, but…. I have no excuse.

Peace, Love, and Lollipops.