And without good news. Haha. I basically flunked this semester and I have to redo it. No condolences will be accepted though, because I did all I could do.
I’m happy for this opportunity created by God because I can improve my GPA and graduate with a Summa Cum Laude, even if I’m not graduating with the people I came in with.
This also gives me an opportunity to figure myself out, you know, my strengths and weaknesses and all that jazz, and to focus on learning new things.
That said, it’s time to lobby for your votes!! Hehe. And this time, it’s a legit thing. I made a video for this competition and I need you guys to please vote for me so I can win. Tell your parents, your friends, your children, your exes, your enemies-basically everyone you know to vote for me.
This is the link to the webpage- Link
My video is under the Arirang category, the 39th one on the 4th page. You get three votes a day, so please, use them all on me. Hehe. Don’t forget to vote everyday!!!!

Peace, Love and Jollof Rice (Because I’m Nigerian, hehe)