I don’t know what moondust is, but I buried my love for you there.
Assuming moondust is like fairy dust, or pixie dust (too much OUAT) and I found the motherload and buried my love for you in it.
I know you’re confused, and you didn’t know that I loved you, but I did.
I loved you, and it almost killed me.
I couldn’t just come right out and tell you beacuse you weren’t available, and even if I did, would you leave her for me?
Of course not.
Even if you left her for me, I wouldn’t be comfortable with it,  because I’d feel like the second choice.
I eventually talked myself out of it, and now I’m free.
I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you this.
Do whatever you want with this information.
Or don’t.
It doesn’t matter to me.