I love interior decoration. And quaint coffee shops. And Kpop.

So many times, I get weird stares when I mention the fact that I like Kpop. And I hate those stares. Why can’t I like Kpop when you like Olamide and Don Jazzy and Drake and J.Cole and Nas and Kendrick Lamar?

Music is music, human. I don’t have to understand what they’re saying for me to like it. I don’t care that they have weird (to you) concepts and are prettier than I am, and neither should you, human.

Dear friend of mine, the fact that I love Kpop does not mean I want to date/be friends with any Korean guy around. You don’t have to introduce me to your group members. If I’m going to be friends with them, I won’t do it because of the color of their skin or where they come from, I’ll do it because I love their personality.

This is a scheduled rant. But it’ll still be relevant by the time it’s actually posted. I need a new tag line for this new phase of my blog.

Joy to the world.