Taco is an alter-ego I created for my friend’s SnapChat story almost two years ago and I just now decided to develop the character for a secret project. This is kind of a character profile.

Nobody knows what Taco’s actual name is(it’s Juliet). She’s tiny (4″11) and changes her hair almost as often as G-Dragon does (she wears wigs but nobody knows. They all just assume it’s her hair). Her hair color now is red- firetruck red.

She’s super into anime, Kpop and Kdrama and she attends fan conventions when she can.

She’s studying Psychology, but if she had her way, she’d be studying Literature or Film.

She’s pretty close to all her siblings- she has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She’s the baby of the family and the family favorite.

She’s 21. She loves food. The only things she hates to eat are olives and pickles. She enjoys musicals and hates cheesy romance movies. She loves to read and to travel. She wants to have lived in every major city of the world before she dies.

She always wants to know everything. It almost always leads her into trouble. She has a part-time job at the bookstore. She loves coffeeshops for the ambience. She does Pilates obsessively (she swears by it).

This is all I could think about because I kept getting distracted by my playlist, hehe.

Smile.You are loved.