This is an appreciation post for all the men in my life-  my father, my friends and my future husband.

To my father, thanks for being my father. Our relationship hasn’t been that good because we both didn’t know how to effectively communicate with each other, but I’m happy that we’re learning about each other daily. I love you.

To my friends, thanks for being friends with this weirdo. You guys have taught me a lot about myself and friendship. I pray we remain friends for a long time so I can spoil your children.                                 PS- Godmother or nothing 😈😇

To my future husband, I don’t know who you are, or what you’re doing but I know that meeting you will be a blessing to me and together, with God as our foundation, we’ll be unstoppable 😃😃

That’s all folks!

Say hi to a random stranger today. Be the warmth in this cold world.