I was going to write about unrequited love, but WordPress wouldn’t let me be great when I woke up this afternoon. Happy Easter, people.

There is a place I go when I don’t want to be responsible, or think about all the stuff happening in my life, but I find that when I go there and I actually talk to my ‘handler’, I get clarity of some sort.

Back to my unrequited love story. I’m in the middle of praying away my feelings for this particular human, and I realised how comfortable unrequited love is for me. I develop feelings, alone, and take care of them all on my own when I feel I’ve been stuck on them for too long. All of this is because I’m deathly afraid of being in a relationship due to my being insecure in my ability to be a reliable partner to a person.

Anyway, after realizing all these things about myself by talking to my ‘handler’, I decided to reflect upon my life thus far, and I found out that my life has been full of unrequited love after unrequited love after unrequited love, and the only time I was in an actual relationship, it ended up as a train wreck after 2 months.

The one before this, was unavailable in every form of the word. It took a lot of prayer to get rid of my feelings for him and thank God I did, or I wouldn’t be live today.

I might tell you the story of all my unrequited loves someday, or maybe I won’t.

The point of this post has gotten away from me, but, thanks for reading this far.

Also, thanks to the 101 followers I have right now. I appreciate you guys so much.

Virtual hugs and lots of love to everyone in the world.