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I found this on Cateyes and Carrots

I haven’t posted in a long while, and I thought I’d wrap up 2016 with a post. I wasnt up for doing a review of the year, so this was super-perfect for me.

Eating:  Nothing at the moment. But I have been eating a lot of eggs lately.

Drinking:.Juice, lots of it.

Reading: China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan. It’s so hilarious. I love Astrid!!!!

Playing: I can’t get enough of BIGBANG these days. It hurts that the whole band won’t release new music for a while. 😦

 Wasting: Time by sleeping in every morning. Gotta get a head start on the day, yuno.


Creating: Outlines for stories that I want to write.

Wishing: I was friends with YG artistes. And that I had extra 6,000 dollars lying around in a bank account somewhere.

Enjoying:  Life with my family. Ask me again next week.

Wondering: Where I’d be if all the things that happened this year hadn’t happened.

Loving: Finding my mother’s book stash.

Hoping: That all the things I need come to me.

Marvelling: At how far I’ve come this year.

Smelling: Like me.


Wearing: A tee-shirt and jeans. Business as usual.

Noticing:. That I need a wardrobe overhaul.

Knowing:. That God has my back.

Thinking: About all the things that I want to do.


Bookmarking: Random academic stuff

Opening: The door to my heart. Much cheese.

Giggling: At my own jokes, because I’m awesome as heck.


Be inspired. Live your best life. Flourish where you’re planted. I’m totally in a better mood than I was when I started writing this, so I might make this a regular thing. We’ll see about that.

See you in 2017.