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Eating:  Totally in love with Indomie’s Chicken peppersoup flavor. Totally unhealthy, I know.

Drinking:. More and more water everyday. Totally good for my kidneys.

Reading:  A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev and God’s Not Mad at You by Joyce Meyer.

Playing: My Bollywood playlist. I have only 6 songs on it right now. Suggestions are welcome. I cannot tell you how much I love songs sung in another language.

 Wasting: No time seizing the day and being happy and reveling in the fact that God loves me.

Creating: Memories with the fam.

Wishing:  That I could be friends with Nam Taehyun, and that I didn’t have to wake up by 6am everyday.

Enjoying: Studying for exams.

Wondering: “When will my reflection show who I am insiiidee??” JK, wondering if my habits of book hoarding and excessive playlist making can make me money.

Loving: Listening to Nazdeekiyaan. (soundtrack from the movie Shaandaar). The vocals, the video, the feels it inspires in me. Too much.

Hoping: That I’ll actually be able to do the 30 Day Letter Challenge to the end.

Marvelling: At how much energy my puppy has.

Smelling: Like a rose garden. jkjk

Wearing: My favorite red skirt that I swiped from my sister.

Noticing:. That I feel free. And that it’s not a totally unwelcome feeling.

Knowing:. That I can do this thing called life, and nursing school.

Thinking:. About how I need to work on my people skills.

Feeling: Content.

Bookmarking: School websites and carrot cake recipes.

Opening: My mind to new possibilities.

Giggling: Because I’m so punny.


Love to your families. Stay warm in this cold world.

PS- I’m totally going to do the 30 Day Letter Challenge. I just need somebody to hold me to it.